Move Over Mariano

December 31, 2008


The Mets’ newly-acquired free agent, closer Francisco Rodriguez, participated in his first New York press conference earlier this month. And, I must say. I was thoroughly impressed. He showed no lack of self-confidence and reinforced his competitiveness. When asked how he would tackle the transition of pitching in New York. He replied, “I’m a city boy.”

Rodriquez, who grew up in Caracas, Valenzuela’s largest city, gave his assurance to the media that the bright lights of the Big Apple would not faze him. “I welcome the challenge and will make the necessary adjustments,” he added. When the topic regarding his over-the-top celebrations upon closing out games was addressed, he proceeded without hesitation by stating, “I do it for the fans and I feed off of their energy.”

Rodriguez’ herky-jerky motion has recently been a cause for concern in which some have speculated that it may lead to a possible injury. In K-rod’s defense, he replied, “this aspect of the game is out of my control.” Some scouts feel that Rodriguez has lost a little off his fastball. But, overall, he says he feels comfortable and has worked hard in perfecting his secondary pitch; a lethal change-up which is also shared by one if his new teammates, Johan Santana.

Santana, who is also from Valenzuela, is a master of the change-up and probably would not hesitate in advising Rodriquez with a few pointers on how to make it even more deceptive to hitters.

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