The New Year’s Day Report

January 2, 2009


On April 13th, some 102 days away, the Mets will be playing their first ever game; weather permitting, at the newly-constructed Citi Field against the San Diego Padres.

But for now, the Mets’ new home has been made to stand idle. It will continue to wait patiently through the harsh winter months. Occasionally, a blanket of white snow will cover its baselines and a cold rush of wind will blow through its grandstands. With the turning of the clocks that lay ahead, we will be forced to replace our wool hats and scarves with lighter jackets and baseball caps. In anticipation of this year’s baseball season, there is a confidence that this one will be just as special, if not more so, than last season. As we remember the house that Shea built, we begin to open up our arms to a new facility which will represent a chance for the Mets to reverse their downfalls, redeem their most telling disappointments, and entrust a foundation which will give them strength and security.

The next few months will be an important time for the Mets organization as they lay their groundwork in hopes of success. The decisions that were made or will be made during this off-season will be an attempt to provide us with some answers to our most important questions.

Will the bullpen, stripped of its skeleton, be able to live up to its investments?

Will Jerry Manuel, an interim manager turned manager, be able to steer his team through the ups and downs of an entire season?

Will the core players of Wright, Reyes, Beltran, and Delgado continue to represent the organization’s stability?

Will John Maine’s contribution in the starting rotation equal that of his piers?

Will Daniel Murphy’s star continue to rise?

Until that day in April, we will only be able to ponder.

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