Keeping Up With the Putz’

January 8, 2009

“It will be tough leaving Seattle,” said J.J. Putz, a proven closer the Mets acquired on December 12th, “It was home for us for the last six years. My wife is taking it harder than I am. She has lots of friends there. A lot of people don’t realize that something like this is harder on wives than the players, but it will be fine.”

Putz, a right handed pitcher who throws a mean split-finger, is currently ranked second on the Seattle Mariners’ all-time saves list with 101. With a move to the East coast eminent, Putz will not only be forced to re-locate but will have to settle for a demotion making that all-important save statistic almost non-existent. For Putz, he will be called upon to provide a smooth transition leading Francisco Rodriguez to close out the ninth inning.

“It’s not the ideal situation, but having the two of us at the back of the bullpen will be pretty strong,” Putz said. “I will not change my approach at all. I will close the game in the eighth and then give the ball to Frankie.”

Despite the change in venue, Putz seems excited to compete in New York.

“The Mets organization is built to win right now, and that’s new for me. We will have a very strong ballclub. It will be fun,” he said.

Unfortunately, what’s not so enjoyable for Putz was breaking the bad news to his wife, Kelsey, who is pregnant and due in March with their third child. The Putz’ already have three-year-old twins.

“They don’t know anything about it, and I’m not sure how I’m going to tell them,” Putz said.

In anticipation of his newborn child (scheduled to arrive during Spring Training), Mets GM Omar Minaya is allowing J.J. to leave and fulfill his obligations to his family.

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