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Mets Are a Sure Bet to Make the Post-Season

February 13, 2009

As strong a case as there is for the Pittsburgh Pirates to clinch their 17th losing season this year, a stronger case could be made for the Mets to clinch the NL East. Although the Amazins disappointed their fans the last two seasons by skipping the playoffs altogether, odds-makers have still placed them high on their list to win this year’s World Series. As any true Mets fan should know by now, the bullpen was terrible last season and most likely cost the Mets a trip to the first round of the 2008 playoffs. The uncertainty of former Mets manager Willie Randolph’s job security is also not without fault for last season’s mediocre start. A few more wins early on in the season could have pushed the team over the hump.

But, in 2009, things are already looking very different. With a new approach in place and the team set to showcase their revamped bullpen at the newly-constructed Citi Field, the sky’s the limit for those who support the orange and blue. According to the experts, the probability of the Mets choking for a third time is highly unlikely. They are returning with the same core group of guys that allowed them to be competitive these last few years with Wright, Reyes, Delgado, and Beltran. The pitching staff, again, is anchored by their ace, Johan Santana. Along with emerging right hander, Mike Pelfrey, the Mets have brought back their fiery left-hander, Oliver Perez. And experienced veterans such as John Maine, Ryan Church, and Fernando Tatis are eager to improve on their 2008 season which was cut short.

Ask any player or coach who will be attending the Mets Spring Training at Port St. Lucie, Florida and they will tell you that they like their team’s chances this year.