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Mets Fans Will Have to Wait Until Next Year for Ramirez

March 5, 2009

Pending an irregular heartbeat, Manny Ramirez will be part of the Los Angeles Dodgers at the start of the regular season. Ramirez agreed in principle to a two year deal worth $45 million. Not only does the contract have a no-trade clause but it also allows him to walk after one year of wearing Dodger blue. A warning to all those Mets fans who had a mini-crush on one of the best, if not, the best hitter in the game today: don’t put those poorly-made Ramirez Mets jerseys and circus-style dreadlocks into the garage just yet. If L.A. hovers around third place throughout the year and fails to make the post-season, Ramirez just might exercise the no-stay clause in his new contract and exit stage left.

Talk about pressure. Dodger manager Joe Torre thought he got all he could handle while defending his highly-controversial expose, “The Yankee Years.” But no coach would feel comfortable in knowing that one of its regulars had the power to leave his team high and dry if and when the mood strikes him.

I can’t imagine Mets manager Jerry Manuel, who preaches that to be the best at the game of baseball is to play as a team, adhering to Manny being Manny. For Jerry, it’s important to not let individual statistics get in the way of your overall performance. On the other hand, GM Omar Minaya now has more than nine months to devise a new angle in convincing Fred Wilpon, the Mets’ CEO that Ramirez would be just another one of Manuel’s “gangstas.” Assuming the Mets sell-out most of their games for the inaugural season at Citi Field, it will be even more the reason to throw everything but the kitchen sink at Ramirez. As for the fans, they would probably jump at the chance to hang outside SNY studios and reinforce their man-love for the enigmatic left-fielder.