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Manuel Is Given a Dose of Reality

March 12, 2009

Mets manager Jerry Manuel spoke to the media yesterday from the Mets dugout and gave the fans some insight into what prompted the release of right hander Duaner Sanchez. “We felt, as a whole, Duaner didn’t make the progress we wanted to see,” Manuel said. “It’s kinda unfortunate for him, obviously. It gives him an opportunity to get another job,” he added.

Sanchez was under the impression that he had already had a job with the Mets. The decision was a shock to the 29 year-old reliever who now finds himself amongst the many millions of others who are unemployed and looking for work. Perhaps, Sanchez will take the advice of his former manager and try to be realistic. The reality of the situation for Sanchez is that he will not be receiving the $1,687,500 he was expecting as a member of the Mets. Instead, he will be paid a much smaller fraction of that salary which falls into the range of $270,000 to 300,000 for his scant services this spring.

Manuel made sure that his comments didn’t suggest that the organization’s decision was a result of the current economy. He also did not allude to the idea that the Wilpons had a hand in any of this. What he did offer was how comfortable and confident he felt about the group of guys in his bullpen.

“We do have some young guys that are coming on, or at least that we feel good about, in camp now,” Mets GM Omar Minaya said. “In fairness to [Sanchez] and in fairness to us, we just felt that if he’s not going to be on the team, let’s make a decision on this now.”

Manuel seemed content with his general manager’s assessment of the situation and stated that now it would give him a chance to evaluate his bullpen a little further. The relationship for a GM and his manager has always been considered a work-in-progress. Manuel is well aware that when it’s all said and done, it’s ultimately Minaya’s team. The final decision of who stays and who goes has always been an important part of a general manager’s job description.