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After Santana, It’s Work, Work, Work

April 10, 2009

The good news for the Mets is that they most likely won’t have to worry about Cincinnati’s Joey Votto anytime soon. The bad news though is that after a gutsy performance by their ace, Johan Santana, on Opening Day, there is some uncertainty as to who will follow. Flushing’s most lovable southpaw, good ol’ Ollie Perez, was up to his old tricks again yesterday. His first real start of this regular season began with a flash of greatness as he mowed down four consecutives Reds hitters during his first two innings of work. Then, he and everybody else watched as it all went up in smoke, surrendering eight earned runs within his remaining two and a third innings of work. After the game, in which the Mets lost 8-6, the newly-minted left hander seemed rather complacent in his performance. Somehow, the accumulation of seven strikeouts was enough to off-set his present earned run average of 16.62. I understand that it’s just one game but we have all witnessed enough of Perez to wonder how long the organization, and fans for that matter, are willing to tolerate.

On Wednesday night, it took Mike Pelfrey at least 44 pitches to find his rhythm. At that rate, Pelfrey could very well be burnt out before the All-Star break. Even though he was credited with a win, the tall and sturdy right hander more closely resembled his early days when he was fighting for a spot in the rotation. In those days, Mets fans would anxiously wait for the young Mets pitcher to record his first win. Night after night, Pelfrey’s pitches would fail to find the strike zone so much so that Mets fans would stomp their feet and pound their foreheads in anger. As upsetting as his performances were, fans still gave the 6’7” right hander the benefit of the doubt. However, Pelfrey is now considered the team’s number 2 starter. With that role comes a higher expectation, which means that fans most likely won’t exude the same amount of patience as in the past.

With the subpar performances thus far of Perez and Pelfrey, tonight’s starter, John Maine, will be asked to appease the critics who have already found fault in a championship caliber Mets ball club.