Murphy’s Not the Only One in the Doghouse

April 22, 2009

Oliver Perez’ performance against the St. Louis Cardinals on Tuesday night proves one thing: he’s no Johan Santana. However, ever since the Mets organization has acquired the often unpredictable left-hander he has been given the benefit of the doubt. For fans who exhibit short-term memory loss when Perez takes the hill, they are safe. But for those who can recollect some if not all of his head-scratching performances, I think it’s time to either hire a divorce lawyer or get used to sleeping on the couch.

Last night’s game was undoubtedly a tough one to swallow. After a loss like that, I am usually able to decompress well before the 11 o’clock news. However, because of the 8 o’clock start I was still reeling during the five-day forecast. With the sports segment coming up next, I occupied myself by tying up some old newspapers with the hope that I wouldn’t implode like J.J. Putz in the bottom of the eighth inning. I could overhear Len Berman’s voice echoing from the bedroom. “…. Casey Fossum walks in the tying run” Why did Manuel bring him in? “….Beltran doesn’t slide and he’s called out” Why didn’t he slide? “…Daniel Murphy falls down” I then, with disregard for human life, stormed into the room and said, “You see why I am so pissed.”

I eventually calmed down and felt that the best way to remedy my displeasure was to sleep on it. Fortunately for us fans, tomorrow’s another day. As for my relationship, I definitely will have some reconciling to do.

One Response to “Murphy’s Not the Only One in the Doghouse”

  1. tatsy74 Says:

    You are forgiven – I know what I signed up for when I took up with a Mets fan! I feel your pain. But I hope now you see why I was so annoyed when I heard the Mets re-signed Ollie during the off-season a while ago (for an even bigger paycheck!!!) How quickly everyone forgets – I guess the fans that never forget had the distinct displeasure of attending TWO games at Shea where Ollie walked in four players in a row (who DOES that??!!) I don’t care for either of Ollie’s split personalities, good or bad, and yesterday was no different–they were WINNING, FFS! Sigh.

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