Oliver Perez’ Recipe for Disaster

April 26, 2009

Pre-heat mound at 3.75 BB/9

Sauté ERA until it looks well above 9.00

Blend 5 ER/9

WHIP mixture at 1.97

Add a dash of velocity and a teaspoon of command

Allow to cool until OBA reaches .411

Serve with a 1-2 record

Along with a side of wildness

One Response to “Oliver Perez’ Recipe for Disaster”

  1. tatsy74 Says:

    sad but true, you got his recipe down to a tee. I’m so sick of Ollie – his bad days far outnumber his good ones. It kills me that the Mets brought him back, with a higher paycheck no less. I don’t know what the solution for him is — no one wanted him as a free agent so I can’t imagine we can really trade him. Eat the salary & put him out to pasture? I know it’s still early in the season, but we know the destruction he’s capable of making, saw it one too many times last year.

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