Manuel’s All-Too-Familiar Post-Game Checklist

April 29, 2009

Reyes pops out, check

Starter can’t close out the sixth inning, check

Runners left on-base, check

Taxed bullpen, check

All Mets runs scored in the early innings, check

Bats fall asleep thereafter, check

David Wright strikes out, check, check

Mets lose, check

One Response to “Manuel’s All-Too-Familiar Post-Game Checklist”

  1. tatsy74 Says:

    Starting to look all too eerily familiar, right? I’m telling ya, better that they die early on then tease & string us along right up until the end of the season. I think you’re right – as a fan watching games like these, you get PISSED, so why isn’t the manager PISSED?? Manuel did this quite a lot last season, deflecting the press’ serious questions with breezy remarks, trying to keep the mood light. Watching some of those losses last year, I was seething, and I wish he were too, instead of making light of it. I know he was pissed yesterday, but he was pissed at the wrong target (the rest of the team) — how about you acknowledge that you effed up by not taking Green out after the game tied? Like watching last season in Rewind.

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