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Mets May Have to Make Perez an Offer He Can’t Refuse

May 3, 2009

Mets manager Jerry Manuel has been criticized of late for the way he has handled key situations within the last few games. Under a NY microscope, a manager’s decision not to pull his reliever when he’s unable to find the strike zone or call for a pinch hitter who is closer to the bullpen then he is to the dugout, is something that will definitely warrant attention. Nonetheless, Manuel will be criticized ten-fold on how he intends to handle a dejected Oliver Perez, who after yesterday’s dreadful performance against a familiar foe, has been rendered helpless. Straight from the horse’s mouth, Manuel said that the $36 million left-hander’s “confidence is shot.”

Factor in an old-fashioned ass-whipping by his general manager who verbally attacked every player on his 25-man roster in an effort to rile them up, you could say that Manuel has his work cut out for him. The Mets have been accused of having no heart, no team leadership, and while you’re at it, no reason to fight back. With a record of 0-12 when trailing from the seventh inning on, the abominable Oliver Perez could be seen as the least of the Mets worries. However, what to do with the now defunct left-hander must be addressed and a decision will ultimately have to be made.

Frankly, I think it’s time for the Mets to consider skipping the left-hander’s next start. Perhaps some downtime will help him get his head on straight and allow him to work out whatever it is that is ailing him. By then, the club could find a way to ease him back into the Mets starting rotation by way of successfully completing small assignments of one inning here and one inning there coming out of the bullpen.

“Everything will be considered,” Manuel said. “I’ll sit down with our pitching people, put our heads together and try to come up with a plan.” Some critics have suggested that the next step for the ineffective Perez is to send him down to the minors with the hope that he can turn things around. “If I need it,” Perez said, “I’ll have to go.”