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Day Off Allows Mets Fans Time to Look into the Mirror

May 4, 2009

For those of you who have seen Martin Scorsese’s Taxi Driver, especially those viewers who consider themselves rabid Mets fans, the lead character of Travis Bickle played by none other than Robert De Niro can seem more relative to your current state of mind than you think. Like Bickle who spent most of his waking hours trolling seedy streets embittered with rage and filled with paranoia, today’s Mets fan has perhaps taken on a similar attitude. During these last twelve some odd games, with the exception of two wins against the Washington Nationals, fans have exhibited their share of irrational behavior. Consider recently when a distraught fan called up a local sports talk radio show to recommend that the face of the franchise, David Wright, be traded. Seriously?!

With each excruciating inning, fans have become defenseless to the rising anxiety and the false sense of hope. The only semblance of reality left is one that is laced with delusions of grandeur in which the end result forces one to act more vigilant. God willing the extent of a Mets fan taking matters into his or her own hands means boycotting the newly constructed Citi Field. Both antagonists share the belief that the only foreseeable remedy for removing the grease and grime that has formulated inside the cracks and crevices is to summon the almighty gods and have them send down a driving rain storm that will ultimately wash away all the bad things. This cataclysmic event does not suffice for Bickle, but for Mets fans, yesterday’s rainout could very well be the opportunity they have been praying for that will allow them to move forward in a brighter light.