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Pineiro Turns Mets Bats into Ground Beef

June 24, 2009

If any of you ever witnessed the unflattering sight of a fish out of water gasping for air, last night’s performance by the Mets was a close second. St. Louis Cardinals starter Joel Pineiro looked as if he was throwing batting practice to a Little League team yesterday as the Mets managed just two hits. Twenty-two of the right-hander’s twenty-seven outs resulted from ground balls that suffocated any attempt at a Mets rally. The closest a Mets runner got to second base was when their pitcher, Livan Hernandez, bunted him over there.

Pineiro’s complete game shutout was the perfect dose of reality for a Mets’ team that may now be starting to show its true colors. As inconsistent as the Mets have been this month, the usual consistencies abounded. Along with the offense’s stale performance, the loss last night included a customary Mets error, a poor base running decision, Fernando Tatis hitting into a double play, a David Wright strike out, and another wasted outing by their starting pitcher. When the only excitement Mets fans can muster is to anxiously wait for the return of Oliver Perez, predicting rookie prospect Fernando Martinez’ first career home becomes that much more fun.

The Mets will send their newly anointed savior right-hander Fernando Nieve to the mound tonight with the hopes that he will be able to replicate Pineiro’s dominating pitching performance.