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Let’s Ring the Liberty Bell on a Good Note

July 2, 2009

As the Mets head into the Fourth of July weekend, the realm of possibility awaits them. After a brief stay inside the Western part of Pennsylvania, all members included (players, coaches, and trainers) will be stepping into the City of Brotherly Love as one. How fitting for a team that former Mets closer John Franco labeled as a “team of individuals.” With that said, it will be up to third baseman David Wright and his trusted teammates to put those accusations in order and prove to the former closer that he has no clue what he is talking about.

For us fans, we must follow suit and make sure we come together through these difficult times. The road ahead is a path that is full of unknowns. Will the Mets be able to stay close enough so that when Carlos Beltran and Jose Reyes finally make their way back it won’t be in vain? Will GM Omar Minaya use good judgment in his attempts to better the Mets ballclub? Or most importantly will manager Jerry Manuel stay grounded long enough to make sure he does not take that final leap and say, ‘I‘ve had enough?’ God forbid. I hope not.

Moving towards something positive, I wish all loyal Mets fans a very safe holiday weekend and I hope you enjoy the festivities that go along with it. With that, I will be away from any sort of computer or internet access this coming weekend. Please look out for my next post regarding the hometown Mets at the beginning of next week. Thanks for reading.