Philly, How I Loathe Thee

July 7, 2009

It has been extremely difficult for me to write anything meaningful about the New York Mets since my return from a long holiday weekend. Like all Mets fans, I was subjected to the worst form of torture any of us could presently imagine, a sweep in the hands of the Phillies at Citizens Bank Park. Not only was I forced to barricade myself in the basement of my friend’s summer home in Pennsylvania but I had to watch two of the three games on Phillies television networks. After being exposed to eighteen innings of Tom McCarthy and Gary Matthews with a little of the other guy mixed in on those Phillies stations, I couldn’t believe that I was actually considering tuning into the YES Network just to get a breather from the rejects over on MyPhl 17. I would have preferred a Michael Kay signature “See Ya!” instead of getting complete coverage of “the Sarge” slobbering down some of Bull’s BBQ.

When your favorite team manages just three runs in a stadium that is known for making even Mets second baseman Luis Castillo a power threat, it’s not easy to grin and bear it as the opposing team’s color man basks in his own glory. The thought of all those Phillies fans happily licking their BBQ-covered fingers while their team trounced on the Mets makes my stomach turn upside down. I can understand why most of you cringe at the sight of ESPN’s Steve Phillips in the broadcast booth. If you think that’s bad, try experiencing the nauseating sight of a crazed Philadelphia fan flashing on your television screen after every Mets inning-ending double play. Ugh! I guess the only thing worse is if your computer screen froze and you were left with a portrait of Phillies closer Brad Lidge embracing catcher Carlos Ruiz after striking out the side in order. By the way, that loss by the Mets was the first time a visiting club had been shutout at Citizens Bank Park this season. With that, I will be sure to check the schedule the next time I’m in Pennsylvania and hope the Mets are not in town.

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