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For the Mets, It’s A Team Funk

July 8, 2009

Prior to the final out in the top half of the eighth inning last night, Mets third baseman David Wright came streaking across the infield. With the bases loaded and two outs, Wright seized the opportunity to make sure and complete the catch before things got any worse. Earlier in the inning, Dodgers back-up outfielder Juan Pierre, who entered the game after Manny Ramirez was ejected in the fifth inning, had scored on a sacrifice fly to center field. Pierre’s run extended L.A.’s lead to seven zip. Some pitches later, Mets reliever Brian Stokes surrendered a walk with the bases loaded that all but assured the Mets another abysmal defeat.

Factoring in last night’s eight to nothing loss, the Mets inability to score a run has now reached twenty-two innings. Equaling disheartening is that they are currently sitting in fourth place behind the Atlanta Braves with a record that for the time being seems insurmountable at four games under five hundred. Mets manager Jerry Manuel looked somewhat discouraged after the Mets had just completed their ninth loss in their last eleven games.

“We are struggling as a whole,” Manuel said. “When you don’t hit, it makes your team look somewhat lethargic.”

The Mets skipper did however try and keep some semblance of hope by stating that if the Mets could exceed at starting pitching combined with solid defense then it would help level the playing field against the opposition. Unfortunately for the Mets these days those aspects of the game are easier said than done.