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Mets Fans Need to Take It to the Streets

July 11, 2009

The stage is set. All the necessary phone calls have been made. Attention, all Mets fans! Grab your favorite Mets t-shirt, hop on the 7 train, and proceed to the right field gate entrance. Once we are all assembled adjacent to the old Shea Stadium apple with placards in hand we will introduce our demands. First off, we want some extra-base hits. Second, we could use a stolen base or two. Since this list of demands is long, I am not going to read them all but you get the picture. We want offense and we’re not going to leave until we get some. We have been made to play the fool long enough. We don’t care if David Wright has already stated that our team stinks. We want to hear it from the manager himself. Get Jerry Manuel out here.

We have a lot of grievances that need to be aired out. What happened to the starting pitching? What happened to the crisp defense? What happened to Ryan Church? Why did you ship him over to our old arch-nemesis, the Atlanta Braves? He was batting .280 with twenty-two RBIs. Ryan would have complemented the core group if and when they were healthy enough to return this season. Defensively, he was as good as any outfielder currently in the league.

If it’s one thing Mets fans do, it’s that they stick together. We can read between the lines, Omar. We may be gullible but we’re not stupid. I love the Shake Shack just as much as the next fan but we need runs not tacos or French fries. We want some bases-clearing doubles! We want some three-run bombs! We want to win! Is that so much to ask?

This is not 1973, this is now!