Mets Fans Wait for the Latest Spin on Recent Injuries

July 20, 2009

In the game of baseball, news can travel fast and change overnight on a regular basis. Most recently, Adam Rubin of the New York Daily News posted on his Mets blog that starter-turned-long reliever Tim Redding was on the verge of being released. The Mets coaching staff had seen enough of the grizzly right hander and had given him a crude ultimatum: pitch effectively or else. However, like every Mets storyline this season there is always a twist. According to Mets vice president of player development, Tony Bernazard, parting ways with the veteran pitcher had never been discussed and was simply, not on the Mets to-do list. Nonetheless, after another ineffective performance last night against the Atlanta Braves, Redding may have one foot out the door.

Aside from the disappointing losses this season, the Mets organization has been reluctant at times in releasing pertinent information regarding their player personnel. When David Lennon of reported a couple of days earlier that Mets centerfielder, Carlos Beltran, was to undergo an MRI for his balky knee, Mets manager Jerry Manuel denied any information to that effect. Consequentially, Beltran went on to have the scheduled procedure and we all know what happened next.

In another instance, 20-year-old Fernando Martinez was kept out of the starting lineup complaining of soreness in the back of his right knee. Martinez however relayed to Jerry Manuel that he was able to pinch hit in an emergency situation. Prior to Martinez’ placement on the 15-day disabled list with inflammation in that very same knee, Manuel admitted he regretted using the young outfielder after watching how he struggled to run to first base. Little did Manuel know that five days after being placed on the DL, Martinez would undergo surgery to repair a torn meniscus on his right knee. The Mets prospect is not expected back until mid-September.

With all the uncertainty surrounding player’s injuries this season, Mets fans have to wonder what kind of spin they’ll get concerning 40-year-old Gary Sheffield’s cramp or right hander Fernando Nieve’s quad.

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