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Fourth Place, Below Five Hundred, and Nine Games Back Equals Job Security

July 21, 2009

Coming off an embarrassing four-game series against the Atlanta Braves this past weekend, the Mets discovered that losing may actually have its perks. Sickened by all the negativity surrounding this current Mets ballclub, the front office and their manager received a breath of fresh air prior to their victory over the Washington Nationals last night, 6-2. If you haven’t already heard, Mets GM Omar Minaya and manager Jerry Manuel are not going anywhere any time soon. Even as the Mets drift farther and farther away from the first-place Phillies, nothing short of last place will grant the Mets GM and his manager their walking papers.

So Mets fans, get used to it. Get used to confusing bullpen moves that leave you guessing in front of your T.V. during those crucial middle innings. Get used to pinch hitting decisions that have you looking as perplexed as that AFLAC duck. Get used to hearty laughter and injury updates that have your head spinning this way and that way. Don’t worry, we’ll get used to it. I like having Alex Cora and Jeremy Reed as my starting shortstop and left fielder. I don’t mind milking every last drop out of right hander Livan Hernandez until his arm is reduced to silly-puddy. I have to admit. I’m very impressed. Livan beat the Nationals.

As for Minaya, he can whitewash any player in the league just as good as anybody. Let me refresh your memory as I recall on how the Mets GM made Trot Nixon out to be the second coming of Jim Edmonds last season. He’s a gamer. Oh really. Can’t wait to see him out there! Here’s a suggestion, why not try Daniel Murphy as the Mets new set-up man, couldn’t hurt. I have one question for the Wilpons. Do you like what you see out there in the field? Aside from Jeff Francoeur’s solo shot last night, I thought the Mets were trying to resurrect the dead ball era.

Jerry Manuel and Omar Minaya, you’ve done a heck of a job. Now, let’s orchestrate another blockbuster trade and get Toronto’s ace, Roy Halladay, over here. The Mets are still in this one.