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A Sunday Made for the Mets

July 27, 2009

On most Sundays throughout the summer, I am usually made to spend time away from the television set soaking up some rays. Aside from the occasional Sunday night game on ESPN, my viewing of Mets games suffers due to the lure of the great outdoors. Living in New York, that would mainly consist of either a relaxing day at the beach or spending some quality time barbecuing with my family. Nonetheless, on this particular Sunday, I found myself holed up in my apartment eagerly awaiting the start of the Mets game.

The Mets were looking to build on an impressive 10-3 victory Saturday night and take the weekend series from the Houston Astros at Minute Maid Park. For the Mets, veteran right hander Livan Hernandez was set to take the mound. Hernandez, who has been known to struggle in the early going this season, did just that. He surrendered three runs in the bottom of the first inning in which five out of the first six Astros batters would push the count full. Eventually, the Mets limited the damage with two well-timed defensive plays keeping the Astros in check. Not known for their ability to come back from a three-run deficit, I was already regretting the fact that I had wasted a sunny Sunday afternoon watching the Mets.

With the threat of rain in the forecast I decided to stay the course and see how this one would turn out. Little did I know that the Mets would stage a comeback in the top half of the third inning by scoring three runs. They went on to take the lead by adding two more runs in the top of the fourth and never looked back. It goes to show you that catching an occasional Mets game on a hot Sunday afternoon may not be as tortuous as you may think.