For the Mets, It’s Not Just About Balls and Strikes

July 28, 2009

The first lesson for those who have been around the game of baseball, Adam Rubin of the New York Daily News included, is that it’s not what you know, it’s who you know. For Rubin, picking the brain of the Mets chief operating officer, Jeff Wilpon, for career advice is a great place to start. Prior to the opening game of the Mets current home stand against the Colorado Rockies yesterday, GM Omar Minaya held a press conference alerting the tri-state area that his second-in-command, Tony Bernazard, would no longer be employed with the Mets organization. Minaya’s decision to extinguish what was becoming a “cancer” in the Mets clubhouse stemmed from disturbing reports that were relayed to him from his human resources department.

In addition to what had previously transpired regarding Tony Bernazard, Minaya felt strongly that Adam Rubin’s tenacious attempt to land a front office job with the Mets also played a hand in the 52-year-old vice president’s dismissal. Minaya even went as far as to say that the reports trudged up by the Mets beat writer were made to trump up Rubin’s own standing as a perfect candidate for a player development position in the Mets organization. After Rubin’s press conference in which he relayed to the media that he was flabbergasted by the accusations, Minaya created a little opportunity of his own to clear the air with the Daily News beat reporter. The Mets GM tried to come off somewhat apologetic but ended up making matters worse by suggesting that the context of his comments directed at Rubin were accurate for the most part. It was the forum in which those comments were made that irked the Mets general manager. Interesting?

This type of smoke screening by the Mets front office goes hand-in-hand with the mishandling of the Mets injuries, the hesitation in addressing the needs of a struggling ball club, and the misguidance of their own personnel. It’s safe to say that Minaya and his tenure look to be on unstable ground.

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