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The Rich Get Richer and the Poor Are Left to Blame

August 1, 2009

With the July 31st trade deadline in the rear-view mirror, major league teams that professed themselves as buyers, bought and those who promised to sell, did just that. The Cleveland Indians, one of the league’s top sellers, took another step towards earning a set of steak knives yesterday by shipping out their first baseman/catcher Victor Martinez to the Boston Red Sox for two minor league pitchers and reliever Justin Masterson. Perhaps feeling giddy from their previous discharge of left-hander Cliff Lee, last year’s AL Cy Young Award-winner, to the first place Philadelphia Phillies, the Indians can know hold their heads high for acquiring so much raw talent. In exchange for Lee, Cleveland received a bunch of young prospects as well.

In an economic environment that has plagued a large part of major league ball clubs from signing big lucrative contracts or at the very least, holding on to what they still have; taking the poor man’s approach has become front and center. Looking at the current standings, you can’t help but notice the same cast of characters either leading their respective divisions or residing in second place. On the flipside, teams such as the Pittsburg Pirates or the aforementioned Indians have gladly distinguished themselves in a state of perpetual rebuilding.

With reports that this season’s attendance is at its highest level in years means that the sterilization, and I don’t mean ridding the game of performance-enhancing drugs, has not quite settled in to the current baseball fan’s mindset. Aside from the Tampa Bay Rays of last year, fans can expect the same song and dance with each and every post season.