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Another Mundane Night with the Mets

August 4, 2009

After watching Mets pinch hitter Fernando Tatis pop up to Arizona second baseman Ryan Roberts for the final out last night, I calmly walked into my kitchen and began washing the evening’s dirty dishes. I proceeded to run the water until the temperature was hot enough to cut the grease from my plate left over from an enjoyable meal. As I scrubbed and rinsed, I recalled in my mind the numerous times I have performed this particular task under the malaise of a Mets loss. With each knife and fork I cleaned, a disturbing thought regarding the Mets would ensue. After taking three out of four from the Colorado Rockies, how could they go on to lose three out of four from the Diamondbacks?

Upon realizing that I still had to scrub down a sauce pan and a large cutting board, my job was far from over. Another revelation donned on me. For the first time this season, I felt strongly that I was beginning to lose faith in my favorite team. Per last night’s fourth loss in five games, I saw the Mets climb back from a 6-0 deficit to close within one and then watched them come up short when it was all said and done. With dejection, I finished my last piece of silverware and made my way over to the television set hoping to catch the remaining moments of last night’s post-game show on SNY. As I stared on the screen at the list of teams ahead of the Mets that were in the running for the NL Wild Card, I felt a sense of helplessness come over me that reinforced my previous notion.

With slight intrigue, I listened as Mets centerfielder Carlos Beltran relayed to the media that his knee was still bothering him. The pain that he was feeling was not the same pain as before but a different pain. With that, I prompted myself to speak out and say, “Carlos, I know how you feel.”