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Mets Fans Lose More than Their Leadoff Man in Reyes

August 7, 2009

On my desk at work, there are many pens, pencils, and highlighters that I use on a daily basis. There are numerous piles of paper, a late-model computer monitor, and a standardized telephone with voice mail features. Along with my daily routine of logging into my work email, I maintain a day-to-day Mets Trivia calendar by peeling each day’s tidbit as I see fit. Well, wouldn’t you know that of all the days yesterday’s coincidentally read, ‘What number does Jose Reyes wear on his jersey?’ Without even glancing at the answer, I consciously told myself, seven.

With the latest news regarding Jose Reyes’ future for this season all but confirmed, I couldn’t help but wonder what’s in store for the Mets shortstop. Looking at Reyes’ career numbers, you can’t help but notice his 301 stolen bases to go along with 73 triples in approximately five full seasons. From 2005-2008, Jose averaged around 65 stolen bases and sixteen triples a season. With a career on-base percentage of .337, the Mets positioned him atop their lineup. Considered by many to be the ball club’s catalyst each and every night, he carried that burden with open abandonment. As Reyes goes, so go the Mets.

Since being placed on the disabled list, Reyes’ absence has denied fans their favorite chant during Mets home games which is, “Jo-se, Jo-se, Jo-se, Jo-se…..” I guess for the time being we can perform a little jig whenever Daniel Murphy comes to the plate. Or hope that Reyes’ return next year is sooner than later.