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With Each and Every Defeat, Mets Fans Are Beginning to Stray

August 8, 2009

As the Mets continue to prove that they are only capable of lackluster play, it makes one begin to wonder if the remaining games of this season are really worth watching. In all honesty, I am growing tired of the inconsistencies of their offense, in their starting pitching, and currently, their bullpen. With that, my hat goes off to those Mets fans who have sacrificed their time and energy so far this season. Here’s a thought, the Mets could very well end this series against the Padres closer to the Washington Nationals than to the first-place Phillies.

Even though their starting pitcher, left-hander Oliver Perez, had a very solid performance last night it doesn’t take away from the fact that this Mets team plays like they just don’t care anymore. Since June, Jerry Manuel has accepted and expected mediocrity. Since the All-Star break, GM Omar Minaya has done nothing and continues to sit on hands and wait for his injured stars to return. I think it’s time to be realistic. Stop looking for that silver lining and start weaning your self off of Mets baseball, altogether.