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Mets Fans Are Starting to Develop Yankee-Envy

August 13, 2009

As the Mets stumble through a season that most Mets fans would like to forget, their cross-town brethren in the Bronx are building on one to remember. After the Mets squeaked out a win yesterday to avoid being swept by the Arizona Diamondbacks, the Yankees muscled their way to another walk-off win, their eleventh of the season.

As power-deprived as the Mets current lineup is, the Bombers have nine hitters with ten or more home runs. I’m sure at one point in the season the Mets had eight players on the disabled list. Meanwhile, the Yanks now have eight of their position players with at least fifty RBIs. Adding insult to injury, the Yankees are twenty-eight games over five hundred, the Mets eight games under. The Yanks are in first, the Mets are in fourth. The contrasts in the two ball clubs are endless.

The only similarity the two teams share is that they both opened up the 2009 campaign with a new ballpark. The universal goal of making the postseason is now over for one of them. As we enter the final six weeks of the season, the roars of Yankee Stadium have clearly been drowning out the cheers of Citi Field.