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For the Mets, It’s A Win Here and A Win There

August 15, 2009

Since Mets centerfielder Carlos Beltran was placed on the disabled list on June 21st, the Mets have won nineteen out of forty-seven games. With such a dismal number of victories, my only guess is that it has made them appreciate greatly when the outcome ends in their favor. As optimistic as the Mets may be feeling right now after witnessing Bobby Parnell’s winning performance last night, seven strikeouts in six scoreless innings, this latest contest could very well be seen as just another stranded victory in a sea of never-ending defeats.

Prior to the Mets 3-0 shutout of the San Francisco Giants last night at Citi Field, they have lost ten out of their last fifteen games. As much as any Mets fan would like to revel in the coffers of yesterday’s performance, it still does not make up for all the atrocious and despicable baseball that they have displayed these last few months. However, not to be too negative, Mets closer Francisco Rodriguez notched his twenty-sixth save last night and looks to be his old self again. Angel Pagan, back from a couple of days of rest, blasted a lead-off home run in the bottom of the first inning getting the Mets on the scoreboard early. Most impressive though was Bobby Parnell’s ability to finish up an abbreviated outing without allowing a walk, something that has unfortunately eluded Mets starters this season.

As we enter the third weekend of August, the Mets are currently twelve games out of first place in the NL East and nine and a half games out the Wild Card. Despite the obvious, it seems apparent that Mets manager Jerry Manuel is not ready to concede the fact that his ball club is now better suited for the role of spoiler.

“We have to continue to really get after it these last however many games and see where we are,” Manuel said. Hope springs eternal, I guess.