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Should Matt Cain Be Suspended?

August 16, 2009

After Mets third baseman David Wright took a blow to the head from San Francisco starter Matt Cain’s 93-mph-fastball on Saturday, you can sense the tension in the air immediately. In the bottom of the seventh inning, Cain tipped his cap towards the Mets crowd on the way to the dugout after being taken out of the game. FOX’s Thom Brenneman’s reaction to the Giants pitcher was, “That’s bad.”

This thing is not over. If the timing was right earlier today, Big Pelf could have taken matters into his own hands. I, personally, as a Mets fan would like to see Cain suspended. I don’t think he was aiming at Wright intentionally. However, you have to make an example out of Cain for using poor judgment.

When Cain was asked why he tipped his cap towards the Giants dugout. His response was, “It’s New York.” Cain, who is 24 yrs-old, was winning at the time, 3-1. He let his confidence take over. I don’t think he was really that concerned about Wright having to make a trip to the hospital from what he had done in the previous inning.

When do you ever see an opposing pitcher tip his cap towards the other team’s fans in any circumstance? After three full seasons, the Giants right-hander has finally paid dividends. Good for him! Watching these last three games has shown me one thing about SF, they have no offense. Without Lincecum, they would just be another mediocre team.

Suspend Cain and these shenanigans will go away.

For further discussion regarding what happened on Saturday, check out this link.

Nice win for the Mets, today, in walk-off fashion.

Let’s Go Mets, minus the core.