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And the Best Actor Award Goes to…Jerry Manuel

August 22, 2009

Prior to this week’s high temperatures and humidity, the summer months in the city have actually been quite bearable. Unfortunately for New Yorkers, when they’re made to endure more than a day or two of extreme heat, tempers have a tendency to flare up. The same could be said for the Mets manager. Jerry Manuel was given the heave-ho last night for arguing a play at second base in the bottom of the fifth inning. Come to think of it, can you really blame him? For the last three months, he has had to lead a ball club that at best is a shadow of its original self. From hamstring tears to concussions, hip impingements to injured quads, not to mention the latest release of one of his starting pitchers and the firing of Tony Bernazard from the Mets front office, the world that surrounds the Mets skipper would make for a very interesting reality show. Perhaps it could be called “Project Someday.”

With all of the negativity that has infiltrated the Mets clubhouse of late courtesy of Gary Sheffield, the Amazins were able to pull themselves together and take the first game of a four-game series Friday night, 4-2, from the NL East-leading Philadelphia Phillies.

“We are in a place where we are fighting for our lives,” Manuel said after the Mets victory. “Everything we do, we are just battling.”

With the return of their four best offensive players mired in uncertainty, Manuel’s post-game comments have never sounded so desperate.