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For Mets Fans, I Think It’s Safe to Wave the White Flag

August 26, 2009

Where to begin? The Mets announced yesterday that Johan Santana’s 2009 season has come to an end. Assuming all goes well with his surgery to remove bone chips from his left elbow, the Mets ace will be back in time for the start of next year’s Spring Training. With all the injuries that have befallen on the Mets this year, this latest diagnosis of Santana could be considered the final straw, the last nail in the coffin, putting a team out of its misery, or beating a man when he’s down, whatever cliché you want to use – the Mets are officially done. You could even say they are overdone.

Since the departure of Carlos Delgado, Carlos Beltran, Jose Reyes, and John Maine, the Mets have been a model of inconsistency. In professional sports, baseball included, staying healthy throughout the course of a season is essential. The Mets and their fans have learned that lesson the hard way.

After last night’s 2-1 lost to the Florida Marlins at Land Shark Stadium, Mets manager Jerry Manuel proceeded to answer questions. He looked like a man who had just spent the night in an airport. A man whose travel plans had been delayed due to his flight being cancelled. When asked if last night’s starter, right-hander Nelson Figueroa, deserved another shot in the Mets rotation, Manuel nonchalantly said, “Yeah…why not.”