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Too Many Mets Losses Has Made Me a Dull Boy

September 1, 2009

As the Mets proceed headlong in their attempt to hit rock bottom this season, I too, have begun to slip into a creative wasteland. My motivation to watch this Mets team, let alone write about their many flaws and missteps, has reached a point of stagnation. How many blog posts can you muster up that show just how bad this team really is? With all the disappointment and frustration I have had to undergo so far this season, I feel very strongly that it is starting to catch up with me.

As a Mets fan heading into the final leg of a miserable season, I have been forced to rationalize one losing month after another. Unfortunately, I do not see any way out of it. I have tried taking a day off here and there to minimize the pain. Nonetheless, every time I seek redemption another Mets player falters and is labeled incompetent. If any of you reading this have any suggestions, I am all ears. If not, I guess my only solace will have to come by way of the pending return of the face of the Mets franchise, third baseman David Wright.