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Beard or No Beard, Mets Struggling for Wins

August 9, 2009

With their eighth loss in their last ten games last night, it looks as if more and more Mets players have opted for shaving off a week’s worth of facial hair. For Alex Cora, who stroked his first home run last night in what seemed like a dog’s age, he may want to hold off on that decision for now. If you recall, the ball club as a whole decided to forgo any attempt at maintaining a clean-cut look until they reached a record equal to five hundred.

Since that executive decision was initiated, the Mets have gone into a free fall and are currently eight games below that mark at 51-59. In addition, the Mets have shown no signs that they are close to turning things around. In three games against the San Diego Padres, the Mets as a team have batted just .206 and have managed only six runs. On the mound, the pitching staff has not helped the current situation either by adding to their major league lead in walks with eighteen.

The four-game series with the Padres at PETCO Park concludes this afternoon. The Mets will send their stopper, Johan Santana, to the mound with the hopes that he can avoid a series sweep.

I’ve Seen Enough to Know When I’ve Seen Enough

June 29, 2009

When the Mets acquired infielder Alex Cora during the off-season, I thought to myself, “Hey, he’d make a good back-up infielder or he’d be an asset coming off the bench.” Nowadays, Cora is the Mets everyday shortstop not be choice but by default. As this month comes to a close, the definite theme for a Mets team on the brink of disaster is injuries or worse, complacency.

Since their lead-off hitter and gold glove centerfield have been relegated to the disabled list, the Mets have struggled to put any semblance of a winning streak together or shown that they deserve to be mentioned in the same sentence as the boys on the other side of town. Last night’s defeat, the third in a row to the Yankees, was just another embarrassing reminder of how far off this group of Mets players has fallen out of touch with reality. The reality is this Mets team is not keeping it together, with their major starters on the shelf. No matter how we try to spin it, Fernando Tatis and Argenis Reyes are no replacement for Carlos Beltran and Jose Reyes.

The norm these days consists of Alex Cora staring down strike three with runners in scoring position or Daniel Murphy unsure of where to throw the ball. The other members of this team have become programmed to believe that if they just play five hundred baseball things will work out. To think Mets fans would be inclined to fall in love with just anybody who dons a Mets uniform is downright insulting.