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With 23 Games Left, It’s Okay to Be Pessimistic

September 10, 2009

In basketball, with just thirty seconds left to play and one team up by double-digits, coaches tend to swap out their starters for the least likely of players. By substituting scrubs for stars at the very end of a game, enthusiasts have coined the phrase “garbage time” to describe the last few seconds on the clock. Unfortunately, the same could be said for the Mets.

With just 23 games remaining of what has been a very disappointing season, it’s easy to see that the Mets are playing baseball’s version of garbage time. By dropping the first two games to the Florida Marlins, the Mets have clinched another three-game series in defeat. As more and more teams around the league battle to earn the slightest bit of respect, the Mets have lowered the bar on their expectations to unprecedented levels.