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Mets Manager Should Heed the Firing of Manny Acta

July 14, 2009

With the recent news of Manny Acta’s firing reverberating throughout the league at the start of this season’s All-Star break, Mets fans can’t help but ponder the unfortunate notion of their skipper perhaps one day sharing that very same fate. According to Washington Nationals acting general manager Mike Rizzo, a tipping point for the disposal of their third year manager was his propensity in keeping an even-keel clubhouse. Meaning, the Nationals’ one-time rookie manager may have been seen on one too many occasions comfortable and complacent with his own team’s misfortunes.

Using that very same criteria as the Nationals used, Mets GM Omar Minaya may decide to pull the plug on the Jerry Manuel Experience without any recourse. The Mets field general has already professed his admiration for those who follow the path of least resistance. That philosophy may work when concerned with positive social change but with baseball, I don’t think so.

In the heat of the battle, controlled aggression almost certainly conquers an opponent that harbors an inability to act on their instincts. With three days to digress, Manuel should spend some of his down time tinkering with his approach on how to get the most out of his players. He may want to start by grabbing the water cooler every now and then and tossing it across the room in anger the next time the Mets fail to score a run.