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Mets Clubhouse Currently on High Alert

July 1, 2009

Mets manager Jerry Manuel was a guest on WFAN’s Mike’d Up yesterday when he was asked to comment on several issues concerning his team. Mike Francesa, who we all know is a die-hard Yankees fan, began by inquiring about the team’s morale after suffering through a three-game sweep this past weekend. Listening to Manuel’s reaction, you almost get the sense that Francesa has morphed into one of his irrationally-charged callers and is enjoying the fact that he has the Mets hard-luck manager right where he wants him. “So Jerry, are you still waiting for the cavalry to show up with the water-filled canteens?” Francesa quipped.

Up until last night’s loss, the Mets fifth in a row, the consensus was to play out these last few remaining games before the All-Star break as a mediocre team waiting in the wings for the big boys to show up. As the Mets began their free-fall under the five hundred mark and into third place, it has become harder and harder for Manuel to continue accepting this stance. Following last night’s 6-3 loss in the hands of the Milwaukee Brewers, Manuel decided to forego the media and directed his attention to those who needed it most, his team.

After some time, Manuel finally emerged from behind closed doors as a band of reporters eager to get the scoop hovered around him. “We got it,” was the manager’s words as he shuffled back and forth in his chair amidst a cadre of microphones and mini- voice recorders. “Everything we need is right here,” Manuel added. “That’s what I told them.”

The Mets are heading into today’s game on the verge of being swept, the same position that they were in on Sunday. Only this time, the feeling is that less is more – quite possibly the last resort for a manager that has run out of excuses.