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Too Negative, Mets Fans Tune Out

January 30, 2010

Adam Rubin of the NY Daily News was a recent guest on WFAN this past week. Rubin has made a name for himself as a New York Mets beat writer. Most notably, he was accused of instigating the firing of former Mets VP of Player Development Tony Bernazard. In contrast to what Mets GM Omar Minaya strongly believed at the time, Rubin wanted to make it known that he had no specific agenda heading into this upcoming season. However, he did mention that that particular chapter in his career still wasn’t sitting well.

“I have a range of emotions about it…to question my integrity,” Rubin said. “It still bothers me.”

Many baseball writers according to Rubin see Minaya as a dead man walking a general manager whose job is on the line if his team is unable to put a winning product on the field this season.

“Maybe a GM vacancy soon,” Rubin said jokingly along with host Steve Somers.

It’s no secret that those that make their living covering the Mets have their doubts in the current structure of the Mets front office. Aside from signing free-agent Jason Bay this off-season, Minaya has made more headlines defending his autonomy than acting on it.

With assistant GM John Ricco and former Cincinnati Reds general manager Wayne Krivsky sitting on the back-burner, even the passing Mets fan can see the writing’s on the wall.

Rubin goes on to blatantly say that “the Mets are a joke” and predicts that they will end up being closer to five hundred than to the Phillies. Feeling somewhat “neutered” by all of Omar’s allegations, Rubin seems to put forth a challenge to Mets fans by sternly saying, “I don’t care,” when questioned for not having regard for the current Mets starting lineup.

In my opinion, Rubin may have lost some of his edge since being scolded by Minaya during that infamous press conference. However, any disrespect he has gained since then was brought on by his own doing. His tone now replicates that of other young baseball journalists who spend too much time criticizing how things are run instead of watching the players run.

Maybe it stems from most of them, the writers, having grown up witnessing the game of baseball suffocated by enormous payrolls and the stain that remains from the use of performance-enhancing drugs.

In closing, Rubin ends off the interview in fitting fashion. “There’ll be shorter lines at the Shake Shack this season.”

Evans’ Future with Mets Is on Solid Ground

March 17, 2009


It’s too bad the National League doesn’t allow for a batter to hit for the pitcher like in the American League. If that was the case, the Mets Nick Evans would most definitely fit in nicely at that position. In fifty games last season, Evans’ first season in the big leagues, the 23-year-old California native was called on to perform within many different roles. Whether it was a platoon in right field with the left-handed hitting Daniel Murphy, or backing up first baseman Carlos Delgado on his day off, or even coming off the bench as a right-handed pinch hitter, Evans never thought otherwise.

“I’m comfortable playing in the infield. I’ll play wherever they want me to play,” Evans told WFAN’s Steve Somers this past weekend. “Honestly, I’ve never played centerfield or right field,” he added. “That would be something I’d have to work on first.”

The fact that Evans is so versatile makes for an easier choice in April when the Mets organization makes its final decision about who will be included on their opening day roster. But for now, Evans has made sure to take advantage of the opportunities he has been given this spring. Since the start of the World Baseball Classic, each major league teams’ roster has become decimated. And because of this, players like Evans have been given more playing time.

When asked if the WBC was having a positive effect on his spring so far, he responded with a very enthusiastic, “Absolutely. Having [Carlos] Delgado go to the WBC, it’s been great for me getting playing time.”

Evans has been impressive thus far. In just a few weeks down in Florida, the utility player has already played in fourteen games in which he has amassed forty at-bats. He is second on the team with a .325 batting average. And his 24 total bases and 10 RBI lead the team in those offensive categories. In such a short time, Evans also has a grand slam to his credit which tied a game on March 9th against the Baltimore Orioles in the eighth inning. The Mets eventually went on to win, 9-8.

“It’s just one of those things,” Evans said, “where I’ve been fortunate to get some playing time here in the spring and make the most of it.”

Those who follow the team have already penciled in the young prospect as a member of the 24-man roster in April. However, Evans still seems unsure of what exactly his role will be as manager Jerry Manuel has had no mention of it.

“He hasn’t really told me much. Come out here and play everyday,” Evans replied. “Worry about hitting now and playing as much as I can.”